Graphics chipmaker NVIDIA is finally launching is much-anticipated hand-held console; Shield will officially launch on July 31. The Android powered device features the most powerful chipset yet in the Tegra 4 mobile processor.

The high-performance mobile handheld is in full production and will begin shipping at the end of the month said Director Jason Paul in a blog post on the company's website.

"Last month, we made the difficult decision to delay the launch of Shield due to a mechanical issue we found in our rigorous testing process," Paul said. "Since then we have been working non-stop to put Shield through its paces and ensure it meets the highest quality control standards in the industry."

The Shield will launch at $299, significantly higher than competing Android powered consoles like the OUYA, but features a faster chipset and a completely mobile design. NVIDIA designed the device for people who have to squeeze in small game session between busy days and clearly aims at a more serious mobile audience accustomed to the controls of the Xbox and PlayStation.

Orders are being taking for the Shield online at and

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[Via Nvidia]