They have to go back! Last weekend at San Diego Comic Con, Zap2It caught up with Michael Emerson, the man formerly known as Henry Gale Benjamin Linus, and proposed a great idea for Lost's ten year anniversary (it premiered September 2004): a cast reunion. Emerson, who had just reunited with former cast member Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond Hume) earlier that night, implied that talks had already begun and even suggested where it might take place.

"I've heard some murmurings of some kind of reunion. Whether it will take place at Comic-Con or not I'm not sure." "No matter what happens, if anything happens, it will be really hard logistically to put it together." While this may seem premature since SDCC '13 just wrapped and the tenth anniversary is still over a year away, Emerson is right about the logistics. A proper reunion consisting of just the main cast would feature upwards of thirty actors, most of whom are busy on new series' or pursuing movie careers - and that's excluding guest stars who recurred so often it felt as if they were on the main list, like Rose and Bernard. A year in advance seems like the proper time to start trying to coordinate all of those schedules.

Needless to say, if an offiical announcement is made, SDCC's famed Hall H might burst at the seams next summer. Meanwhile frequent Lostpedia visitors are already lining up.

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[via Zap2It]