It's hard to really take the idea of Ryan Gosling and/or Zac Efron in the upcoming J.J. Abrams-helmed Star Wars: Episode VII, but Latino Review seems to think it's a strong possibility, so let's humor them, shall we? According to the site:

About a two months ago my source informed me that they were going to start filming in Pinewood, but I really never paid any mind to it and now it ends up being true that they will indeed film there. I was also told that a MAJOR film star went in for a meeting, that star was Leo DiCaprio. And now I’m told that he’s out.

A little while ago I was told that two names have been thrown around a lot, and that another star went in last week. [...]

As for what role Efron would be playing, we don’t know. He could be a Solo kid. But what I was told for sure is the Gosling went in for Skywalker’s son. Yes, that’s right Luke’s kid.

Interesting thing is that Episode 7 is taking place thirty years after Return of the Jedi.

To be fair, Latino Review was right when they said that Harrison Ford would be reprising his role as Han Solo in the film, but this rumor is just too out there for us to really take seriously. Someone's gotta be trolling, because the idea of fanboys freaking out that the kid from High School Musical is the offspring of Han Solo is just too good. Also, Gosling has previously said that he plans to take time off from acting, and though this Star Wars film won't be released until 2015, there's no telling if he plans to be back in the game by then. 

Disney is expected to make official announcements about the movie at the D23 expo on August 9th, though, so we'll find out soon enough. 

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[via Vulture]