This is exactly what does not need to happen in the wake of George Zimmerman being acquitted of second-degree murder for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin. The Washington Metropolitan Police say that early Saturday morning, a white man was attacked and robbed by three black men who allegedly told him "This is for Trayvon Martin."

The incident took place around 1:20 a.m. Saturday morning in Northwest D.C.'s Adams Morgan section. According to police, the victim pushed to the sidewalk and kicked repeatedly before the suspects escaped with his iPhone and wallet. 

CNN reports that the man, whose identity has yet to be released, refused medical treatment after experiencing minor injuries. DCist says that Metropolitan Police will investigate the robbery as a hate cime. 

Zimmerman, 29, was charged with second-degree murder for shooting Martin, 17, in Sanford, Fla. in February 2012. His controversial acquittal two weeks ago resulted in a chain of nationwide protests.

This is an exceptionally ugly incident because it lends credibility to the belief that the verdict would lead to racial tensions. It also reinforces the flawed notion that black men need to be feared. Moments like this do nothing to prevent situations similar to the circumstances that led to Trayvon Martin's completely unnecessary death. Ignorance of this nature opens the door for further ignorance to the tune of "See, that's why Trayvon Martin got shot."

Everyone needs to take note of that.

[via CNN and DCist]

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