Tumblr CEO David Karp paid a visit to the Colbert Report last night, where he and Stephen Colbert discussed the NSA, Yahoo and, of course, NSFW content.

Colbert put Karp a on the spot pretty quickly (Karp even called him out on it) when he asked Karp what he would do if the NSA came asking for users' Tumblr information. Karp admited it was a tough question, but responded that he wouldn't give up the info (insert quick sigh of relief, Tumblr users). The topic of Yahoo purchasing Tumblr also came up, and Karp discussed how he has many plans for the company, one of them being bringing Tumblr into profitablity. 

Then, Colbert brought up the "elephant in the room," and asked Karp about Tumblr's main criticism: that it's become "porn central."

"We've taken a pretty hard line on freedom of speech, supporting our users' creation, whatever that looks like," said Karp. "It's just not something we want to police ... I don't want have to go in there to draw the line between this photo and this behind-the-scenes photo of Lady Gaga and, like, her nip."

Check out the entire interview below.