Has one of the most famous mythical beasts reared its head in the backwoods of North Carolina or is this just another false alarm? The latest rumored sighting of the chupacabra allegedly took place in Piedmont, N.C. on Saturday and a resident by the name of Ramona sent the image (with the caption "'Chupacabras do exist!") above to local television station WXll

The dog-like creature's origins can be traced back to Puerto Rico in 1995 when eight dead sheep were discovered, all drained of their blood and bearing the same puncture wound to the chest. According to the legend, the chupacabra typically preys on livestock, treating their blood like lemonade on a summer's afternoon. 

So what do you think: Is there X-Files-worthy activity going on in North Carolina or is this just a hoax? The truth is out there...

[via Daily Mail UK]

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