This lil' Chupacabra won't be getting your goat anymore.

Hide your goats! Another Chupacabra has been captured on video, proving once and for all that the "mythical" beast that sucks the blood of goats and other livestock does exist! OK, maybe it's just a dead-ass Xolo (a hairless breed of dog) that's been fed rodent poison, but if a semi-reputable, occasionally accurate news source like CNN tells us that it could be the Latino cousin of Bigfoot, who are we to question?

On the video, Jerry Ayer, a taxidermist in Blanco, Texas, displays the grey, leathery, hairless corpse of a curious creature he's been storing in his freezer (because there's nothing creepy or monstrous about that). We're admittedly disappointed that it looks less like an alien or demon than a hybrid of a coyote, kangaroo, wolverine, and rat (or somebody's pet Xolo). Still, it'll keep us up at nights wondering what might be lurking outside just waiting for something to suck on? Read on to see the CNN report as well as other Chupacabras caught on tape...

SPOTTED IN: Blanco, Texas
Complex says: If the facts are murky or non-existent, CNN is there.

SPOTTED IN: Cuero, Texas
Complex says: Don't mess with Texas. Seriously, somebody authorized these cowpokes to carry badges and guns.

SPOTTED IN: Coleman, Texas
Complex says: Chupacabra, or the love child of a farmer and his livestock?

SPOTTED IN: Saudi Arabia
Complex says: Well, it certainly has monstrous balls.

SPOTTED IN: Nuevo Laredo, Mexico
Complex says: With weak-ass evidence like this, we'd be hiding our faces too.


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