In this riveting three-part series, a Bronx woman non-chalantly busts every single one of a car's windows with a golf club. According to the narrator and cameraman, the vehicle belongs to the woman's husband, who either has no idea what's going on or is somewhere cowering in fear. 

If you own a car, this is painful to watch, even if you consider what motivated this woman to go to such extreme lengths. Still, the color commentary makes all three videos worth watching. The best quotes include:

"Some bitch breakin' her husband's car right now"

"My mom, she did that shit to my stepfather...that shit was hilarious"

"She's gonna go to jail"

"Where the hell did she get that golf club from?"

"You only see shit like this in the Bronx"

As the woman sets off the car alarm and crosses the empty street, golf club in hand, you're left wondering what the car's owner could've done to deserve this. If you own a car, you might begin to wonder about its current status as you watch these videos. Have you done anything to make someone go all Jazmine Sullivan on you of late?

[via Daily Intelligencer]