No disrespect to The Walking Dead, but we always found its accompanying AMC talk show Talking Dead (clever!) rather pointless. It's a zombie show, what you see is pretty much what you get, and even the best episodes don't leave much for over-enthusiastic host Chris Hardwick and his assortment of random guest stars to unpack.

Breaking Bad on the other hand? Considering this is the final season, a half-hour with commercials might prove too short a running time to discuss all the awesomeness. So we fully support AMC's decision to follow up the relative success of Talking Dead with the unfortunately titled Talking Bad. It'll be the same deal, immediately following each episode, and still with Hardwick.

Those wary of a goof like Hardwick dissecting the last days of Heisenberg should be won over by his statement in the press release: "AMC will tell you that it's because of the success of Talking Dead or my friendship with the BB cast that they asked me to host this, but I maintain it probably has more to do with my unmistakable resemblance to Jesse Pinkman, BITCH."

He should do just fine.

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[via Vulture]