There's not much to say about this video, except that it was taken by Instagram user @mlcnyc, features troubled star Amanda Bynes literally dancing as she walks down Eighth Avenue in New York. She appears to be wearing the same outfit she wore to court yesterday—an Alvin Ailey shirt and sweats—but the blue wig she donned does not make a second appearance. 

Also worth noting: Yesterday, there were reports that Bynes was dancing in her seat during her court hearing for her arrest this past May on charges of marijuana possession and reckless endangerment (she threw a bong out her 36th floor window).

According to an eyewitness: "As she waited for her name to be called, Amanda fidgeted with her wig constantly. And then she busted out a little dance in her seat that could best be described as a body wave. She sort of rolled her left wrist, twisted her left arm, bobbed her head, then twisted her right arm and rolled her right wrist. Her movements were small, like she was just moving to a beat in her mind."

Well, at least she's happy?

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[via VH1]