Twitter has teamed up with the data driven biography service, Vizify, to do something that's pretty awesome—and not to mention, interesting—for your Twitter profile. The new feature, called #FollowMe, takes data from your profile and creates a 30-second personal video bio. Vizify looks at your last 3,200 tweets, 800 mentions and replies, then analyzes the top tweets, photos, Vines and number of followers you have. The service will also crunch down when and how often users tweet, and display it on a graph.

Creating the thing is easy: just allow Vizify to access your Twitter account and voila, it will make it automatically—but you can still make some final edits if you'd like. Simply go to Vizify to make an account (all it requires is an email) and let it make your own Twitter video.

If you'd like to see an example video taken from the profile of the author (who evidently tweets too often), click here.

[via The Next Web]