With the recent release of Zack Snyder and Christopher Nolan's The Man of Steelfanboys the world over might actually be getting a Superman film that doesn't seem like overly romanticized fluff.

A reboot about the Last Son of Krypton that's a character dissection which presents Kal-El as vulnerable and relatable is something any Superman film should strive to accomplish. Otherwise, who cares about an alien space god that can enslave the entire planet whenever it strikes his fancy.

An alien that is unbeatable and who has no real 'weaknesses' (yes, yes, magic and kryptonite).

Let's be honest with one another. Making a one dimensional character that is nearly a hundred years old seem interesting and relevant is a challenge. I don't think I've ever met anyone who's said,  

'Superman is my favorite comic book character.'

You know why? Because Superman is essentially God.

The real crime is that for being nearly a century old, Superman has never gotten a decent video games. Sure, there have been numerous releases starring or guest-starring Clark Kent, but not one of them are worth the code their written in. Out of the 20 some-odd games where The Man of Steel makes an appearance, these 8 perfectly illustrate the The Tragic History of Superman Video Games.

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