You can't help but get a taste of culture living in the city. You're going to have friends and dates who are involved in the art scene in one way or another, and you'll find yourself at a surprising amount of galleries, not to mention installations, experimental film screenings, and fashion events. We can't say for sure if you'll appreciate the art, but as it is often accompanied by free booze and all the cheese you can eat served by attractive young women in black cocktail dresses, gallery openings are okay by us.

Allow us to share one tip we've picked up from viewing our fair share of modern art: Make sure you know what is and isn't part of the artwork. For example, what appears to be a bench may not be for sitting, but might be a sculpture, and what appears to be a security guard might be performer getting ready to bust out a sonnet. As modern art progresses, artists get sneakier and sneakier; you have been warned.