Never, ever underestimate the lengths people will go to get revenge. Valerie Dodds of Lincoln, NE was figuratively crucified by former classmates at St. Pius X High School for wanting to pursue a career in adult entertainment. She never forgot the ridicule.

Revenge is a dish best served with nudity, so Doddsor Val MidWest, her stage namereturned to school grounds and filmed an adult video guerrilla style. "I used every part of the school I could get into, payback is a bitch ha ha," she said. Hell hath no fury like an aspiring porn star scorned.

Although she was aware of the repercussions of sneaking onto the football field to, um, score with herself, she was surprised when she received a ticket for public nudity. So, she smartened up and returned to St. Pius X, this time clad in just panties and with pasties covering her nipples. Police decided that because her areolas were not exposed, she hadn't broken any laws. 

Even after Dodds used the campus to treat her body like a wonderland, St. Pius X remained pious: 

"[W]e constantly follow our school's motto: To Restore All Things In Christ," the school said in its statement. "To that end, we are praying for the young lady and her family, and we stand ready to offer forgiveness and support should she seek it."

Brings a new angle to "revenge porn," no?

[via Gawker]