Steve Jobs: A Biography is being released on paperback, and its getting a little face lift for the re-introduction.

A younger version of Jobs will grace the cover of the best selling book when its released on September 10th. The famous photograph (left side of the photo above, if you couldn't tell), was taken in 1984 by Norman Seeff, and shot the year the Macintosh was launched. When the paperback version is placed alongside the hardcover edition's photograph of Jobs from 2006, it can create a mesmerizing, yet haunting, effect. The photograph from 2006 was taken by Albert Watson, who says he told Jobs, “Think about the next project you have on the table,” and right before he hit the shutter, said to Jobs, “Think about instances where people have challenged you." 

Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs is considered one of the best biographies of the last decade, and gives incredible insight into one of history's most mysterious and compelling characters. If you can't wait for September 10th, go ahead and pick up the hardcover edition from Amazon for $17.99—about 50 percent off its original price of $35.