Portrayed by: Cameron Richardson and Adam Campbell
Die in: "Splash" (Season 1, Episode 11)

If you told us at the start of Harper’s Island (far and away the best thing to grace CBS’ in years) that we’d end up feeling a type of way when a few characters inevitably bit the dust, we’d have laughed at the thought of feeling feelings about characters who, at the time, were the thinnest of archetypes.

Chloe, specifically, was the flirt; Cal, her nebbish boyfriend. Fast forward ten episodes and thanks to some solid horror writing, we found ourselves rooting for these two crazy lovebirds to make it more than the central couple. So we were very anxious when the duo found themselves cornered on a bridge by the island’s resident psycho, John Wakefield.

Then we were low-key heartbroken when Cal proposed to Chloe (and she accepted!) in the face of certain death before Wakefield stabbed him up and tossed him over. And then we were absolutely finished when the devastated Chloe declared to Wakefield that “he couldn’t have her,” and jumped off to join her fiance of five-seconds in a watery grave. The joke’s on us.