Portrayed by: Amy Acker
Dies in: "A Hole in the World" (Season 5, Episode 15)

TV viewers have recently experienced the cruelty of George R.R. Martin, but before Game of Thrones, the reigning king of death was undoubtedly Joss Whedon. No star-crossed couple could safely enjoy romantic bliss on a Whedon series for long, especially on the vampire redemption saga Angel. Astute fans should’ve known bad times were coming for Wesley Wyndam-Pryce when he finally bagged Fred after almost two seasons of pining.

But pardon us for assuming he’d give them more than one episode to breathe before ripping Fred’s heart out, and with that, ours. Literally, the pair finally consummate the will-they-or-won’t-they at the end of the previous episode, one of the show’s lightest and funniest hours. But smile-time doesn’t last long. Fred, the sweetest, most innocent character on a show full of bad people trying to atone, gets infected with a parasitic virus that begins painfully hollowing her from the inside out.

Angel races across the globe for the antidote, only to discover that curing Fred will unleash the virus on the world around her. So, we’re forced to watch Wesley watch the girl of his dreams die before his eyes, and then the knife twists: The parasite working on her is actually a demon plotting to use her body as a vessel. For the rest of the series, everyone is forced to interact with an enemy wearing Fred’s face, and with her memories, too.