With more than 70 years of history under its belt, DC felt it was time to give its comic book universe yet another face-lift. Thus, The New 52, introduced in August of 2011. It rebooted the company’s entire comic book line, restarting every one of its heroes with new costumes, different personalities, and a more modern edge. Fittingly, some of the biggest changes happened to the Man of Steel. After all, he started this.

No longer is Superman married to Lois Lane, nor is he seen as a god among men; instead, he's brought back to his blue collar roots from the late ‘30s as a defender of the downtrodden and a champion of the oppressed. Shedding his iconic red trunks and sporting a sleek new armored suit, this version of Superman is both a love letter to the character’s past and a fresh perspective on his future.

For the curious fan, check out the first issue of Superman Unchained, which hit comic book stores earlier this week. Written by Scott Snyder with art by the legendary Jim Lee, this is a blockbuster series that will appeal to both longtime fans and newcomers alike.