More than 40 years after George Reeves lit up the small screen as Superman, ABC debuted a ‘90s version of the Man of Steel for an audience craving romance and sex appeal from its superheroes. Starring Terri Hatcher as Lois Lane and Dean Cain as Superman, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman revolved more around the relationship between this timeless couple, as opposed to the fist fights of other stories. It featured Lex Luthor and foes like Metallo, but Lois & Clark was a drama that every demographic could find something to enjoy.

The series took many of its cues from the Byrne revamp by making Clark Kent a more believable, fleshed-out character that people could relate to. Sure, he was still mild-mannered, but he is a bit more proactive than the Reeve version. Hatcher also brought a ‘90s vibe to the series by not being a typical damsel in distress. Instead, she had a career and was less dependent on Superman’s help than ever before. It seems quaint now, but this was a big step for TV shows at the time. The series wound up running for a respectable four seasons before the sagging ratings couldn’t justify the high budget.