By now, you should have come pretty acquainted with the new iOS 7 redesign by Jony Ives that will be coming to iPhones near you in the fall. It's colorful, flat, and different, to say the least. 

The design has hit a cord in the tech community, with many loving the radical new look, and some believing that Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave because of it. Of course, with something as big as this, a Tumblr blog is a given. The new blog, Jony Ive Redesigns Things, takes the logos, banners and design of famous things and re-imagines their appearance as if Jony Ive got his hands on them. Things like the American flag, Facebook, Breaking Bad, and the Mona Lisa all get the Jony Ive treatment. 

Click here to check out the blog, and submit your own redesign if you have something up your sleeve. 

[via Venture Beat]