Have you ever watched a slow-motion video over and over again, just to make sure you get all the cool little details you otherwise would have missed in a normal speed video? Then, do you suddenly begin to hate all of your videos because they're not in slo-mo? Well, Google just fixed this problem for you.

Google just announced that any YouTube video can now be turned into a smooth, slow-motion video that gives it a high-speed camera type of feel. Best of all: it only takes a few clicks. Just go to the Enhancements tool or the YouTube Editor and turn it on for one of your uploaded videos. Boom—you're now in slo-mo. The technology uses frame analysis and the blending of intermediate frames together to create the effect. It's not as beautiful as an actual high-speed camera, but hey, it's not a bad alternative for no cost at all.

[via The Next Web]