Director: Chris Walas
Stars: Eric Stoltz, Daphne Zuniga, Lee Richardson

David Cronenberg's remake of the campy 1958 sci-fi flick The Fly has yet to lose any of its emotional or, more importantly, gross-out power. The 1986 gem features a plethora of repulsive makeup effects, including a dude's arm being snapped in half after a vicious arm wrestling bout and the increasingly horrific sight of a guy slowly morphing into a human-sized bug.

Too bad Hollywood couldn't leave well enough alone. Three years after Cronenberg's film sickened audiences (in a great way), The Fly II upped the ante with more elaborate gore, but, unfortunately, virtually no dramatic impact. Eric Stoltz plays the son of Goldblum's character who's also experiencing bugged-out physical abnormalities. Save for a few choice moments of ridiculous carnage (i.e., a dude's head popping as an elevator crushes it), The Fly II has deservedly made critics and horror fans wish there was a swatter powerful enough to wipe shitty movies out of existence.