Look, we grew up with hippie parents. We've been to healing circles, crystal attenuation ceremonies, sweat lodges, and every sort of alternative healing gathering you can think of.

We know a thing or two about pseudo science and new-age tom-fuckery, but this theory about violent video games...is just..wow. According to Professor Dong (stop laughing) Wong Cho of Chungbuk Provincial College in South Korea, violent video games 'run hotter' than normal video games. These 'violent' video games spike the temperature on your graphics card, which in turn emits more radio waves...which are also harmful to the human body, according to Cho..because...science.

While it's hard to pinpoint exactly where to wade into this kiddie pool of stupid, we're going to do our best. Korean site Inven, reported that according to Cho's study a game's graphics card sat at a 36°C temperature when idling. During a racing game, that temperature increased to 45°C. However, when a 'violent game' was played, the temperature shot up to 57°C and emitted more radio waves.

Ummm..how does one exactly decide a game is 'violent'? Seems pretty subjective to us. Also keep in mind this is the professor who released an earlier study about how drinking for three days straight will cause liver damage, how watching porn will cause unmarried men liver damage, and how smartphones cause people to have irregular voices.

Science, ladies and gentlemen, science.

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[via Kotaku]