While it’s unclear whether Capcom will allow Ninja Theory to retain the creative reins over the recently (and amazingly) rebooted DmC following somewhat disappointing sales, at least the UK developer is already hard at work on another title.

In partnership with mobile giant Chillingo, they’ve announced Fightack for Android and iOS. It sounds like a beat-em-up heavily inspired by the cheese and machismo of ‘80s action films. Very little is known about the game thus far – in fact you’re looking at the only released screenshot – though apparently the brawling will apparently be touch-based, so I guess there’s that.

Ninja Theory is easily one of the most interesting European developers working today, and with DmC they finally knocked one out of the park. At the very least Fightback should be an interesting foray. You’ll know more at E3, where the game is scheduled to make its first playable (and possibly only?) appearance.

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[via IGN]