If you're planning on visiting a multiplex this weekend, be warned: It's going to be a madhouse. Big theater chains are ready to unveil the season's first surefire blockbuster: Iron Man 3, the latest Robert Downey Jr.-led superhero adventure that, per critics worldwide, is the best Tony Stark installment yet. Box office analysts are predicting that Marvel's first post-The Avengers movie will earn more than a whopping $140 million this weekend. Yes, it's officially summer time.

Across Hollywood's major studios, there's at least one high-profile new film opening every weekend from now through the end of August—that overcrowded AMC Loews isn't going to empty out much anytime soon. The good news: Complex is here to let you know which upcoming, soon to be widely released flicks are worth thinking and caring about. Check out the 25 most anticipated movies of summer 2013 and start planning ahead for those hot, pre-beach Friday and Saturday nights when rooftop bars aren't all that appealing.

NOTE: Save some calendar space, because we'll be back with an accompanying list of the summer's most promising independent movies next Monday morning.

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Written by Matt Barone (@MBarone)