Though running robots are nothing new, MIT's redesigned Cheetah robot does something the others haven't quite grappled yet: it can go from a trot to a gallop—like a real cheetah. In the video above, MIT's Biometric Robotics Labs showcases the improved robot, which can go up to 13.7 miles per hour while carrying its own power supply, though in the video it is hooked up externally. 

The key thing with this version of the robot is it’s design. The team aimed to reduce pressure on joints and up efficiency for things like Kevlar tendons (which are like real tendons in the legs). This helped the limb return to its original state without requiring extra power from the electric motors of the Cheetah.

In other words: If you can out run this thing, it could probably out last you. Better save up for some new Nike's. 

[via PopSci]