It seems the rumors are true. For a brief moment over the weekend the 8.1-inch Acer Iconia W3-810-1600 Windows tablet was available on The e-retailer, however, removed the tablet from the site immediately, but all signs point to Microsoft releasing the device very soon.

As Brad Chacos of PC World reports:

A few key details stand out about the Iconia W3. First of all, it definitely takes advantage of the reduced screen resolution spec, with a Nexus 7-matching 1280-by-800 display. Second, the inclusion of an x86 processor means the 1.1-pound slate will run the full-blown version of Windows 8, rather than the neutered Windows RT operating system.

The Iconia W3 was listed for $379.99, but it remains unclear just how much the device will cost when it hits shelves.

[via PC World]

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