Netflix subscribers aren't the only ones who have been marathoning Arrested Development this weekend: According to reports, the newly released season four has been torrented over 100,000 times in just 24 hours - a rather large amount when it comes to television shows. 

The number comes from Lennart Renkema - otherwise known as Ernesto Van Der Sar, the editor of TorrentFreak who monitors torrent download activity. As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the number of Arrested Development downloads may not be as much as the million downloads HBO's Game of Thrones received for its season three premiere, but it's still a lot nonetheless.

Ironically, the new season of Arrested Development included a joke referencing piracy - all flashback scenes came complete with a fake watermark that read "Showstealer Pro Trial Version," which was meant to insinuate that Netflix couldn't afford to buy old clips from Fox, and instead had to illegally download them. 

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[via The Hollywood Reporter]