Neighborhood: Greenpoint
Address: 597 Manhattan Ave. (between Driggs Ave & Nassau Ave), Brooklyn
Type of douche: The sweaty, bike-riding hipster that lives in Greenpoint because it's not Williamsburg and he's too bougie for Bushwick

Need a break from the hustle and bustle of Manhattan? Tired of hopping out of the way for bikes on Bedford? No Name Bar is hidden in plain sight right in Greenpoint, but it's chock full o' douchebags. Like, literally full of 'em. Besides the fact that there are really great noodles downstairs, the bar is right on Manhattan Avenue and it gets so crowded you inevitably end up with someone's drink on you, someone's sweat, or both. Despite clearly being a bar, and not a club, you're forced to wait 20 minutes for a drink. Sure, it has a beautiful backyard with plenty of tables ideal for smoking American Spirits, but after that eighth Tecate and lime, walking up and down a flight of stairs to get your own drink, you'll be ready to leave. No Name isn't terrible every night of the week, so long as you don't mind sneers from the "I don't live in Manhattan because, duh, and I want to ride my bike, but god no, I would never live in Williamsburg but I'm too good for Bushwick" crowd. If you do, we suggest walking a block to Matchless and feasting on some chicken wings.

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