Trion just released their new video game, Defiance, an online shooter that's integrated with a live-action TV show by the same name on the Syfy channel (airing April 15). There's been quite a bit of chatter in the gaming community about the game with comparisons to the hit video game PlanetSide 2 and a in the earlier days of video gaming people referred to it as being a fad and now decades later, it's one of the most lucrative business in entertainment. It makes you wonder if the same thing was said about television in its infancy. Not too far in the distant past, video games were rarely seen on TV. Sure there were the occasional news reports but as far as an official outlet, the world of gaming was a barren desert of a topic.

In the mid to late 80s that desert began to change into an oasis for video game fans and there was programming to cater to them. Game shows like Video Power and Saturday morning cartoons popped up all over television and without even knowing it, paved the way for video games like Defiance to be possible.

Here's our look back at the beginnings of TV's courting of video games with the milestone moments that got us to this point.

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