Today is April 20, known to avid weed-smokers as "4/20." For 24 hours (or until they pass out) potheads worldwide will smoke in celebration of the Earth's greatest gift. Weed dealers everywhere will be sporting huge, Kool-Aid Man smiles because they'll make rent thanks to pre-4/20 sales. However, the perks of being a drug dealer are short-lived, especially if you're dealing in large quantities.

The bigger the quantity the bigger the risk, and some weed dealers in Los Angeles County have taken huge risks in recent years. Even though Proposition 215 made California the first state to establish a medical marijuana program, some dealers and dispensaries abuse this luxury. Let's just say they've paid for it. The law's decision to pounce on them has left many a dealer with red eyes—from tears, not tokes.

In honor of 4/20, we've examined the 25 biggest marijuana busts in recent L.A. history. Don't be like these people; think before you ruin your holiday.

Written by Julian Kimble (@JRK316)

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