Zucchini Parm

Where: No. 7 Sub
Neighborhood: Flatiron
Address: 1188 Broadway
Website: no7sub.com
Cost: $9
Ingredients: Toasted bread, raw sliced zucchini with panko, sweet onion puree, fontina cheese, pickled jalapeno, barbeque chips 
Chef Says: "It's looks like an eggplant parm and sounds like an eggplant parm. In a way, it is an eggplant parm. We just replaced all of the ingredients to make something different." —Tyler Kord, Chef/Owner
Why We Love It: Joining Stumptown Coffee and The Breslin to complete the Ace Hotel's trifecta of covetable grub, No. 7 sub is not your typical sandwich joint. Chef Kord's creative take on things between bread are as exciting as they are comforting. Case it point, his zucchini parm, which renders something green into an indulgence by coating it in panko bread crumbs, and frying each slice until crunchy. The vegetables are then blanketed in a thick layer of fontina cheese, and covered in crunchy BBQ chips. Sliced jalapenos take the whole operation up a notch, and leave literally no need unmet. If you don't like this sandwich, you're not human.