Pig's Head Banh Mi

Where: The Daily
Neighborhood: NoLita
Address: 210 Elizabeth St.
Website: thedaily-nyc.com
Cost: $13
Ingredients: Pig head terrine, Asian pork rillette, crispy spicy pig's ears, twice cooked pork belly, yuzu pickled carrots, fresh daikon, fresh cucumber, house pickled chilies, picked cilantro, lime, chili dressing, banh mi bread
Chef Says: "The beauty of the banh mi is how all of these salty, rich bass notes get balanced with vibrant crunch. It's a mouthful, and a delicious mouthful, and one that people come back for over and over, which is the best compliment that I can think of." —Executive Chef, Brad Farmerie
Why We Love It: By far the most complex sandwich on this list, the Daily's pig's head bahn mi is an obstacle course of competing textures: a rich, creamy spread of ginger-laced pork rillettes (pork cookied in its own fat, making a pate-like spread), a thick slice of braised pig's head terrine, crispy pig ears coated in dijon and tabasco, and crunchy twice cooked pork belly. The sandwich would be overwhelmingly savory if it weren't cut with traditional picked vegetables, pickled chiles, and an equally lively chile-citrus dressing. Chef Farmerie said the sandwich was inspired by a trip to Vietnam, and that he hoped to avoid a one-dimensional, Americanized version of his favorite street food. We'd say he more than succeeded.