Say "hello" to our future robot overlords. 

This is the Kid's Walker Cyclops, developed by Japanese robotic manufacturer Sakakibara-Kikai. It's an updated version of another kiddy mech-robot that the company released a few years back, but with some snazzy upgraded features. It's a neon green robotic-exoskeleton that comes with a claw and spinning drill, and moves around on wheels placed on the bottom of its feet—it's just a step away from looking like something out of Gears of War or MechWarrior. The last version of the Walker Cyclops was priced at $20,000, so "expensive" is a keyword here. But they are available for rent, if you want to traumatize any and all kids on your block. 

Check out the daddy of the Kid's Walker, the Landwalker, here. Then go take shelter. 

[via PopSci]