The latest mega-gadgets integrate convenience and state-of-the-art quality to make your life as easy as possible. So, it’s understandable that the natural progression of technology is taking it to automobiles next. Apple products have been featured in cars ranging from BMW, Audi, and Mercedes to even Honda (all of which feature a Siri Eyes Free Feature).

Volkswagen, however, is taking it one step further by producing an Apple-themed car that heavily incorporates Apple technology. The car will come with a designed dock station that will allow the iPhone to snap perfectly into a cradle; also hosting a ton of car specific apps.

The car will also be produced in a variety of colors that resemble Apple stylistically. The apps provided by Volkswagen allow Spotify integration, use of the G-meter, fuel economy diagnostics--and all from the comfort of your dashboard. The car will be released in 2014, and is designed around the iPhone 5, at which point the iPhone 8 will probably be out already.

[via Gizmodo