A Homer Glen, IL man is suing a woman for $100,000 after the woman's cat "attacked him" while he was watching that. The woman is most likely his wife, but we'll explain that in a minute. According to William Baxter, he was "viciously attacked, bit and clawed" by the temperamental feline, leaving him with "significant injuries to his ring finger and to his left arm." The suit claims that Christine Bobak should have known the cat was dangerous because this isn't the first time it's attacked someone.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Baxter and Bobak appear to be married, further complicating this story: 

A Facebook profile for a Billy Baxter, of Homer Glen, indicates he is married to a Christine "Bobak" Baxter, of Homer Glen. But it was uncertain whether the Baxter and Bobak involved in the lawsuit are that couple or whether they are married.

Everyone from Bobak to Baxter to his attorney is keeping quiet on this one. That's probably because there are too many questions to answer, like what Baxter and Bobak's relationship is and why Baxter agreed to host the cat if it has a history of violence.

[via Gawker]