Video gamers have long had a love and hate relationship with the companies that make them. If you were to troll any video game message board, you'll be sure to find an abundance of users complaining about everything from in-game bugs to how much they hate a particular character. On the flipside, you have users who worship the very ground a company is built on and will flame you to a crisp if anyone makes a negative comment about them. This relationship between video game companies and gamers is like a real-life friendship with falling outs, make ups and a journey through life together. 

We came across these illustrations of video game companies personafied as the types of people that you may have in your entourage of homies. While being simply hilarious, we found it to be right on the mark without being unnessesarily mean. Take a look at these 10 Video Game Companies Reimagined As Best Friends and see if there's anyone on your team that fits the bill. 

[via Dorkly]