In case you're not aware - and if you're not, please leave the rock you've been living under and get a real place of residence - Mad Men is set to return for its sixth season this Sunday with a two-hour episode. To honor the upcoming premiere, GQ caught up with series star Elisabeth Moss, and asked her a very important, very poignant question: Who would she Fuck, Marry, Kill with the Sterling Cooper guys?

"Oh brother. I don't want to marry any of them! Impossible!" Moss told the magazine. "I guess I'd marry...Sterling? Fuck Don. And I guess I have to kill Pete? But let me say for the record that none of these are things I'd ever want to do." 

Now that were all enlightened with that important piece of information, you can check out the pictures of Moss in the magazine above. Once again, Mad Men returns to AMC this Sunday with a two-hour premiere at 9 PM. Excited?

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[via GQ]