Known as the Melting Pot of the United States, New York is a city where innumerable ethnicities can be found within blocks of eachother. Take a walking tour of any of the five boroughs, and you’ll feel like you’re jumping from continent to continent. Different languages are spoken on every block, people stroll down the avenues draped in their traditional attire, and the selection of international food is plentiful.

You can have French crepes for breakfast, authentic Cantonese dim sum in Chinatown for lunch, and Dominican bacalao in Washington Heights for dinner. While NYC is undoubtedly one of the best places for a food lover to experience, there are some very specific cuisines that aren’t readily available. However, if you’re willing to go on a hunt to taste these underrepresented ethnic dishes, it's possible to please your palette with some of the world's most unique flavors.

From the West Village of Manhattan to Jamaica, Queens, here are 10 Hard-to-Find Ethnic Cuisines You Can Eat in NYC. 

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