The Vamp is a magical little square that attaches to decades-old speakers to give them new life.

When connected to an old speaker, this innovative device gives old devices modern Bluetooth capabilities. You can then connect your iPhone or Android and play songs wirelessly. There's also no need for power cords. All you need to do is place The Vamp anywhere on your speaker and plug speaker's audio cable into the cubeand voila. The sound scientists behind the cube promise beautifully rich and textured sound.

The creators of The Vamp, including London-based designer Paul Cocksedge, have tested the magnetic cube with speakers from various second handshops. The verdict: The Vamp works well with almost any speaker it attaches to.

The speaker add-on is currently available for £35 ($53) through its Kickstarter campaign. The project has raised £38,332 ($58K) of its current £35,000 ($53K) goal.

[via PSFK]