Samantha Futerman is a 25-year-old actress living in Los Angeles, California. Anaïs Bordier is a 25-year-old London-based art student who grew up in the suburbs of Paris.

Both girls were born in South Korea on November 19, 1987 and adopted by families shortly after.

Anaïs recently reached out to Samantha after watching videos she made and uploaded to YouTube. Their uncanny resemblance stuck out to her right away. After a few Google searches and Facebook messages back and forth, they found out they shared many similarities.

The twins who have found each other because of YouTube are now on Kickstarter to raise money for a film project that will follow them along their journey to meet each other in Europe.

Watch their first Skype session together:

The TWINSTERS documentary project has raised $13,000 of the initial $30,000 goal -- to cover travel, equipment rentals, the film's camera crew and DNA tests for the two women.

[via Kickstarter]