Prepare to be offended. 

There's been a uproar on the campus of Towson University following the proposal to have unarmed students on patrol, mainly because the idea was fathered by the leader of a group known as the "White Student Union." On his blog, senior Mathew Heimbach explained that Towson has suffered from a “black crime wave” that involved “black predators” menacing the inhabitants of a “white majority student body.” Ignorance is bliss.

Speaking with NBC Washington's Jim Rosenfield, Heimbach explained his motives. "Just like I wouldn't be offended if when you talk about serial killers, the average serial killer is a blue-collar, educated white male...It doesn't offend me to be able to talk about the facts." 

Plenty beg to differ. "I thought [Heimbach's statements were] racist, but they have their freedom of speech," a black student told Rosenfield. For rather obvious reasons, the group is not sanctioned by the university, but it has found its way onto the radar of the Southern Poverty Law Center which has placed it on a "hate map" that highlights white supremacist groups. 

Heimbach, who says he plans to to become an Orthodox priest, doesn't see it that way. Even if we were to give him the benefit of the doubt here, he loses for failing to realize how his creation will be perceived. 

[via NBC Washington]