You know those times when you want to respond to a friend with the perfect animated GIF, but can't remember where you saw it? Those days will soon be over as Google plans to make GIF hunting a less laborious process by add a special filter to its Image Search tool, CNET reports. 


Google confirmed to CNET that it is rolling out the new filters to users today. They include faces, photos, clip art, line drawings, and animated GIFs. The new options appear under 'search tools.'

The filters highlight the wide range of file types contained within image search. Run a query on Justin Bieber, for example, and you'll find plenty of clip art and line drawings to go along with the photos you would expect.

While this is a undoubtedly a (late) response to the popularity of GIFs, it also seems to be a response to a smaller companies like Giphy which is marketing itself as a search engine for GIFs. 

Either way, this is good news for everyone. The easier it is to find GIFs, the easier it will be you to respond to your friend telling you about his fail of a first date. 

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