A Florida man was arrested on Sunday after allegedly cutting his younger brother's hand with a sword during an argument over synthetic marijuana. 23-year-old William Voswinkel, Jr. and his 21-year-old brother got into a heated debate about the substance, and the older Voswinkel brother was so angry that he went into a room where a number of blades were kept, picked up a sword and began swinging it at his brother.

The younger Voswinkel brother reportedly extended his hand in an attempt to block the blow, and was injured as a result. His brother told police that he got so pissed off during the argument that he lacerated his own hand after punching a glass fishbowl. Both men bled all over the home until police arrived. They're truly blood brothers.

According to the Sun Sentinel, both brothers changed their stories several times and grew more hostile with deputies once they realized an arrest was imminent. Further questioning convinced police that the elder Voswinkel was the aggressor, especially after his brother told police he was afraid due to his older brother's "violent criminal past." 

William Voswinkel, Jr., a convicted felon, was charged with aggravated battery. This is why you don't smoke synthetic marijuana—it makes you aggressive.

[via The Huffington Post]

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