Despite reports suggesting the contrary, Girls creator Lena Dunham did vote in the previous presidential election - and even left a vacation she was taking in India at the time to ensure she did so.

Here's what happened: Dunham, who filmed a pro-Obama ad that made conservatives accuse her of having ties to Satan, was vacationing in India at the time of the election. According to her statements made over Twitter today, she tried to send an absentee ballot first, but was unable to due to the nation's voting system being, in her words, "a steampunk cornmaze," it never arrived.

Room Eight, who broke the story, did a little digging and couldn't find any records of her voting at either her new address in Brooklyn or her old one in TriBeCa, and took this as proof she never voted - but Dunham maintains this wasn't the case.

Dunham ends her clarification by jokingly stating that she voted for Romney. Controversy averted.

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[via EW]