From Animal House to this Friday's release 21 and Overthe college party has been one of the most revisited themes in Hollywood history. Hot girls, hoards of drugs, great music, furious dancing, free-flowing booze, and of course, a house filled to the brim with a crowd of unruly guests are most common tropes you find on screen.

For those still awaiting high school graduation, days are spent dreaming about keg stands they'll be tackling and the girls they'll be bringing back to their dorms. But, for those of us who have already experienced college, or are still in the duration of "the best four years of our lives," the realization of what actually goes on is, well, sort of a buzz-kill.

Lower your expectations: Here's what every college party Is actually like, in GIFs. No epic chase scenes, no cars on fire, and rarely, if ever, any strip poker. Sorry to disappoint you.

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