Author: Madeleine L'Engle
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L'Engle's landmark novel was first published in 1962, but has stood the test of time, entrancing audiences with its other-worldly appeal, quantum physics, and beloved lead character, Meg Murray.

Meg's a homely and insecure 14-year-old who's concerned about her missing father. One night, a woman named Mrs. Whatsit appears at the Murray household, explaining that there's been a "tesseract," and through that they will be able to travel through space and time to save Mr. Murray, who's being held captive by the Dark Thing. But they don't think this lady is bat-shit crazy. Instead, they think, "Yeah, that makes sense."

Meg, with her little brother Charles Wallace, and the popular kid, Calvin O'Keefe, travel through the tesseract through the fifth dimension to find Mr. Murray. Eventually, Meg realizes she has to fight this evil on her own to save her family, and, to do so, must use her secret weapon: Her power to love. (Sound familiar, Harry Potter fans?)

Though it's draped in weird science, L'Engle's novel is only an awesome variation on of the oldest stories ever told: good versus evil. The novel expresses the beauty of individualism through the character of Meg, and the importance of understanding that not everything in life can or should be explained.