Appears In: National Lampoon's Animal House (1978)

Faber College laid the blueprint for hilariously bad behavior at fictional colleges, and its impact on fictitious schools is still apparent 35 years later. Animal House is a spin-off of National Lampoon's magazine, and loosely based on the undergraduate experiences of the film's writers. The film is set in the early '60s, and begins when two freshmen are searching for a fraternity to join at Faber. After getting shut down by Omega Theta Pi's, they find a home at the Delta Tau Chi house, but only after getting urinated on by the always-intoxicated Bluto (John Belushi). Because everyone hates the good guys, the Omegas and the uptight dean conspire to have the Deltas booted from campus.

The Deltas are lead by Boon (Peter Riegert) and Otter (Tim Matheson), who are responsible for organizing toga parties with live music from Otis Day and the Knights, sleeping with the dean's wife, and making a general mockery of the administration. The dean succeeds in expelling the Deltas, even going as far as to notify their local draft boards of their sudden eligibility, and the Omegas jump Otter. After Bluto gives a horribly historically inaccurate speech, the Deltas are motivated to sabotage the annual homecoming parade. Payback's a bitch, especially when it's deserved.

Faber College is where pothead professors sleep with students, dean's catch projectile vomit to the face, and a mayor's underage daughter becomes the conquest of a desperate virgin. It's also where a young Kevin Bacon attempted to fight back tears while getting that ass paddled, and where we've given confirmation that, yes, girls do have naked pillow fights during sleepovers.

The hilarious happenings of Faber have influenced countless college movies, from PCU to Old School, and its legacy will live on forever thanks to Bluto's iconic "College" crewneck. Seriously though, it will live on forever; Animal House is also preserved in the National Film Registry.