In case you haven't heard, New Orleans is a fantastic drinking town. Arguably the best in the world, in fact. Unfortunately, the perception that many have of New Orleans is that everyone goes to Bourbon Street, gets blackout drunk, and loses all control of their faculties. Sure, there are people who regularly do that in New Orleans; they're called tourists.

The local drinker, however, is a seasoned veteran at the art of imbibing, capable of having their first drink of the day with breakfast and maintaining the ability to deftly argue with a stranger about where to get the best po-boy in town twelve hours later. Additionally, the local drinker doesn't just drink all day at Mardi Gras—the local drinker drinks all day on your average Tuesday. New Orleanians just know how to drink better than most others do.

A big part of knowing how to drink is knowing where to drink. With a couple of rare exceptions, people who live in New Orleans do not step foot into the dens of filth, despair, and douchebaggery one finds on Bourbon Street. We view it with the same disdain a New Yorker would view Times Square. 

Here are the places where the average tourist would never go: the 25 Best Bars in New Orleans. Happy drinking.

Written by Brett Michael Dykes (@thecajunboy)

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