"My mom denies that this ever happened, but as a kid I distinctly remember waking up on my porch outside, cold and in my underwear. My mom insists that it couldn't have possibly happened, so I guess I'll never know. But I've carried that memory around for years.

"When I was a kid, most of my nightmares were really short and really simple. I was raised in a single-parent household my entire childhood, so whenever I had a dream about parents, it'd always involve my mom. I would have these dreams where I'd be hanging out and then all of the sudden some dude would approach me, scoop me up, and walk away. Sometimes my mom would be waving goodbye, which didn't help—that wasn't too comforting. And then that was the end of the nightmare.

"The idea of disappearing, of someone kidnapping me, was something always manifested itself in my dreams. Everybody can understand the inherent horror of that idea. That combined with this idea that people can't perfectly remember everything from their childhood, that was really the impetus for 'Footsteps.' "